UFC 145: The Official Feud Timeline for Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans

by Matt Erickson, Heavy.com - April 12, 2012

Former friends, training partners, ‘brothers’ settle score next week
The UFC finally returns Saturday with a card in Stockholm, Sweden. But before we launch into full-on Gustafsson-Silva mode, let's not forget – yeah, like that's possible – there's a rather large grudge match next week in Atlanta.

Jon Jones and Rashad Evans finally get to stop the talk and let fighting solve everything when they meet in the main event of UFC 145 for the light heavyweight title. The back story of their friendship turned sour is one of the most intriguing in MMA history. And if you don't know the story by heart, consider this your refresher course.

Below is the UFC's official timeline of events in the already legendary Jon Jones-Rashad Evans feud:

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