(Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson)


Member Since June 20, 2012

Leave It To The Judges
All 5 fighters go to decision
I Ate Renato Laranja's Fruits and Vegetables
Placed higher than Renato Laranja in a game
TTTHS Can Go Suck It
Placed higher than Tommy Toe Hold in a game
Payin Rent Because Gabe Morrency Sucks at Kountermove
Beat Gabe Morency in a game
Stomp on Robin Black
Beat Robin Black in any game
The "Natural" 500
Score 500+ points with a team
Down Low Fighter
Win a private game
Kissing your sister
Tie another player and win money
Did this SHIT Tommy Toe Hold Medal!!!
Did this SHIT!!! Won a cash prize in a Tommy Toe Hold tourney.
Old Man Strength - $50 cash game winner!
$50 cash game winner!
Budding Champion
Finish 1st in a free game
Rock Out With Knockouts Medal
5 fighters on this team won by TKO / KO! Holy crap.
Gals Guide to MMA
Win a cash prize in a Gals Guide to MMA tourney
The Tops on Kountermove Medal
Finished first in a cash game... tops baby!
Ca$h Money Playa
Playing for ca$h is the only way to play... what are you waiting for??
Testing The Waters
Enter 3 free games
Armchair Warrior
Win more than $100 in a single event
Jits All Around
3 fighters on your team win by Submissions
Killer Kountermove Fan
Play games in 10 different events
Two Fisted
Play 2 teams in 1 tourney
Well-rounded Medal
Going for it!!! Played 2 cash games in 1 event....
Double Down Medal
Not afraid to bring it, played 2 cash games in 2 different events.
Contender - Kountermove Leaderboard
Appear on the leaderboard
Elite Player Medal
Only elite players win cash in a major Kountermove tourney (100+ players), and this one did it.
Beat The Champ
Place ahead of a pound for pound champ in a tourney
Grizzled Vet
Win more than 20 cash games
KM Power
Win a $100 and a $50 game
Tax Man Comith
Win $600 dollars or more on Kountermove
Long Odds Warrior
Victorious fighter with a salary of $3900 or less
Crooklyn's Finest Medal
Won cash in a Crooklyn tourney. Who's the man now, dog?!
Talking Trash
Posts in the chat box
Bonus Warrior
An invited friend to Kountermove plays a cash game
Checking Kountermove Fantasy Scores During Event
During an event check your score
Upload a profile pic
Building A Stable
Send 4 email invitations
Social Warrior Medal
Tweeting about fantasy MMA to followers... Sharing the love!
Win cash in 3 consecutive events
Quick Stoppage - Kountermove Fantasy MMA
4 first round stoppages
Cocky S.O.B.
Use the chat box during an event
Best of the Best on Kountermove Medal
The most prestigious medal on Kountermove... Of the thousands of players on Kountermove, this player managed to beat them all out!
High Roller
Win a $500 or more single prize
Renato Laranja CARALHO Medal
Won cash in a Renato Laranja tourney... CARALHO!!!
KM Strength
Win more than 100 cash games
Verbal Submission Radio Winners Medal
Played and won cash in a Verbal Submission Radio tourney. Listen up!
Facebook Warrior Medal
Telling Facebook friends about fantasy MMA... sharing the love just like that.
History Of Violence MMA
Won a cash prize in a HOV MMA tourney
Killer Kountermove Team
Perfect score: Event's most possible points
Under Your Wing
An invited friend to Kountermove registers
It's Time To Make A Pro Debut
Play in 7 free games
Love me some Natasha Wicks
Won cash in a Natasha Wicks Game
Fantasy Sports Network "Baller"
Won cash in a Fantasy Sports Network Game
Sherdog Radio Showoff
Won cash in a Sherdog Radio game
Sirius XM Fight Club Badass
Won cash in a Sirius XM Fight Club game
Win 5 cash games
Gym Rat
Gym Rat
Win any game
Win any 3 games
Win 1 cash game or 5 free games
Win 3 cash games or 15 free games
Win 10 cash games
Win 15 cash games
Enter a Kountermove game
Light Heavyweight
Win 25 cash games
Win 50 cash games
Super Heavyweight
Win 100 cash games
Pound for Pound
Finish 1st in a cash tourney with 100+ people