Crunching Numbers: Josh Koscheck and the Issue of Fighter Age

by Luke Thomas , MMA Fighting - April 29, 2012

We often hear in MMA that a fighter could just be getting started or ready to make another title run even as they approach their mid-thirties. Relative to fans and media in other sports, the MMA community seems to believe aging is deleterious for a fighter's career and that a fighter at 35 is as dangerous if not more so than one at 25. Hey, they've got all that wisdom and experience, right?

In fairness, it's not like they haven't had reason to think that. Randy Couture was defending titles in his forties. Current UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is 37 and still holds significant speed and reflex advantages over his much younger peers. These fighters, however, are clear outliers. Impressive, obviously, but hardly representative of the norm.

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